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We’re proud to announce some new client relationships over here at Zellmer McConnell.

In August, we won a contract with the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department to design a new look and feel for the Turn Around Don’t Drown initiative. In the coming months, we’ll be developing a new digital strategy as well as logo and web development.

We’ve also begun a year-long contract with Daniel Stone and Landscaping Supplies, where we’ll be developing a digital strategy, web design and development, SEO services and digital marketing. Daniel Stone is based in Dripping Springs but provides landscaping supplies for the greater Austin area.

Another exciting client we’re proud to mention is Barnhouse Modern Barn Homes based in Kansas City. We helped this recent startup create their name and are currently developing messaging strategy, logo design, content development, marketing materials and web development.

Just this week, we kicked off a messaging strategy and digital marketing project with The Firefly Fund, a non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C1, a rare, neurogenetic disease that cuts short the life of children. This one, as you can imagine, is near and dear to our hearts.

Please check out these businesses and help us support their endeavors.


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As you can imagine, the new project we're about to embark on couldn't be more timely. We were honored to be invited to pitch the Austin Watershed Department's Turn Around Don't Drown initiative. But now that our neighbors in Houston and the coastal cities are experiencing unprecedented flooding, we are truly humbled.

In the coming months, we will be designing a new look and feel and navigational strategy for conjoining the Austin Watershed Department's sister websites located at and

Stay tuned for more information on how that project is developing.

In the meantime, please follow their social channels for tips on how you can help those affected by Harvey.

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