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We created ZMc on the belief that all companies—yes all of them—deserve a fair shot at stardom. It’s why we’ve spent a lifetime building the skills, the people, and the battle scars to help people like you find your purpose. We’re in advertising not because it’s what we do. It is who we are. We do our homework, we keep our word, and we take the work very seriously...but not ourselves. If you’re looking for an agency whose call you always look forward to and a partnership that gives much more than it takes, it’s funny...that’s what we’re looking for, too. more

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Brand Development

Sometimes brands come to us with nothing more than a business plan. From that nugget of an idea, we help companies name their business, create their logo and craft the voice for their brand through personality-driven copy.

Market Research

It’s a good idea, before you market your product or service, to find out more about who you’re talking to. What are they like? What are they into, as people or as consumers? Where are you most likely to find them? Consumer research can uncover those insights that help you market more effectively to your target audience.

Graphic Design

We carefully craft all design elements for our clients, from small projects like logo design to motion graphics for video or TV. We believe great design should be iconic and memorable.


All of our services come with a writing component because the voice of a brand is the key element to its personality. But we also offer writing services that can be used in a more ala carte fashion such as blog writing, presentation and/or speech writing, editorial or essay writing, taglines, headlines, web copy and press releases.

TV / Video Production

We’ve developed TV campaigns for both national clients and local clients who want a more national-looking image. Our campaigns are always driven by a simple idea meant to appeal on an emotional level. Whether that’s something that makes you laugh, makes you think, or tugs at your heart strings. Because we know from experience that emotional advertising is the most memorable type of advertising there is.

Web Design

We can design and develop websites from scratch, or redesign existing sites that need an attitude adjustment or facelift. We believe a website is the single most important aspect of your marketing plan, so we help you get it right, from the way it’s worded to how it presents your overall brand image to the public.

Digital / Social Media

Most people search for products and services online, so having an online presence is one of the most important aspects to any marketing plan. We can help you gain impressions with your audience either through creative banners or better search rankings, among other digital strategies.

Print / Collateral

Whether you need a postcard, brochure, direct mail piece, or some combination of the above, we help you concept something attention getting, yet informative. Then we lay our compelling copy into a simple, yet elegant or clever design.

Outdoor / Guerilla

We’ve written award-winning outdoor campaigns for both national and local brands. Our specialty of whittling a compelling message into the fewest, most impactful words is a great way to communicate quickly to the masses.


When done well, radio can be captivating. Our scriptwriters can craft a clever, attention-getting message that dares listeners not to change the channel.

“ZMc is the sort of agency one “gets” to meet and work with—as opposed to having to. Fun, insightful, and smart as a whip, ZMc is the sort of real people that bring real insights and success, free of all the agency jargon. ZMc is an easy agency to recommend because they always put the client’s needs and ideas first. And they’re extremely talented. As a partnering agency, ZMc has had our backs, made our ideas stronger, and pushed us in the pursuit of smart and human work.”

- David Wyatt (Business Director and Co-Founder, Wyatt Brand)

“ZMc has created a significant online presence where there once was none. They have helped me spend my ad dollars wisely. They have created a completely new image for our company over the last four years.”

- Michael Patino (CEO, High-Tech Flooring & Design)

“Part of the reason we chose ZMc was because they were eclectic and whimsical without being flip. They were also more approachable than the “typical” firm – easily available and open to suggestions and changes. Yet, also challenging when they felt our suggestions may be getting us off target and off message. ZMc is creative, responsive, deadline aware, solution driven and fun. You could see that fun come through in the work, which is what we wanted to express. Given the opportunity for a future project/campaign, we would be excited to work with ZMc again.”

-David Knoll (Director of Development, Ryan Companies US)

“ZMc was able to take the very serious business of milk banking and create fun attention-getting messages that made our story relevant to anyone. ZMc created a marketing campaign that accomplished this, and as predicted, contributed to the annual 10 - 15% increase in milk donors. The buzz around Austin regarding the milk bank certainly increased their campaign, “You’d make a good donor,” and definitely got people talking.”

- Kim Updegrove (Executive Director, Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin)

“A joy to work with.”

- Steve Pustelnyk (Director of Community Relations, Mopac Improvement Project)


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